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Vysotsky's songs

Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky's songs.

To listen to Download Vysotsky's Songs>>>>
  Here you can hear to Vysotsky's songs online, in mp3, pleasant to download, is free and while without registration.
  On separate pages are located: songs, in mp3, on 42 on everyone (all songs, performed by Vysotsky, in my collection 365); video-rollers with Vladimir Semenovicha's participation; a collection of photos and Vysotsky's posters. To download songs it is possible as separately and all assemblage of looked through page. The reference for downloading  of archive with all songs of the poet of looked through page is in the bottom of each page. Quality of songs corresponds to source codes. All songs on a site and in archives in  a format mp3.

  The request to those, visitors to whom the site was pleasant, put references to my site in blogs, forums in which you participate, add a site in social bookmarks. You will help these, that who searches "for Vysotsky's songs to download, listen", but as a rule find any hogwash, type register, the SMS has departed, buy etc.  
  As at the time of Vladimir Vysotsky's creative activity there were no all today's navorotov and its creativity was as a matter of fact forbidden, and the remained records in collections of fans and admirers of the Poet more amateur, than professional consider that you listen alive, without plywood, the present live sound. Vysotsky's song should listen soul, instead of ears. I tried to "brush" pair of songs... All nuances which Vladimir Semenovich wanted to transfer us disappear... And it sounds any more Vysotsky. But a sound class already ears rejoice... In general I have thrown this bad job. 
  Names of songs not necessarily correspond to the present names of songs, it is the first lines of songs more often. 
  Listen, download also I hope for response of visitors in the form of references to downloading of songs which aren't present in my collection. As I will be grateful for references to downloading of films with Vladimir Vysotsky's participation. 
  It is not forgotten to tell THANKS in the bottom of each page (the paid advertizing).  

Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky's creativity.
Vysotsky's creativity
Vysotsky, Vladimir Semyonovich

Material from Wikipedia — the free encyclopedia

Date of birth:       on January, 25th 1938

The birthplace:      Moscow, the USSR

Death date:            on July, 25th 1980 (42 years)

Death place:          Moscow, the USSR

Citizenship:           the USSR

Kind of activity:    the poet, the prose writer, the actor, the director, the singer

Years of creativity: 1959—1980
  Vladimir Semyonovich Vysotsky (on January, 25th 1938, Moscow, the USSR — on July, 25th 1980, in the same place) — the Russian Soviet poet, the composer and the executor, the actor. It is widely known as the author of songs on own verses; has created some prosaic products («the Novel about girls», etc.), had experience the film director.
  As the author and the executor of songs of own composition has to the guitar won wide popularity. In 70th years of the XX-th century citizens of the USSR bought tape recorders (purchase expensive for those times, more monthly salary) specially to listen to Vladimir Vysotsky's songs. Its many songs were known by almost all population of the USSR, and names of heroes of these songs became nominal. And it in spite of the fact that neither its songs, nor his name in official mass media of the USSR practically weren't mentioned, though plates with records of its some songs all the same have been published.  
  Vysotsky has written about 700 songs and verses, has played about thirty roles in films, played theater, has traveled all country with concerts, went on tour abroad. Vysotsky mentioned taboo subjects (for example, in early years sang songs of criminal subjects) in days of strict censorship, sang about daily Soviet life and about the Great Patriotic War — all it and has brought to it wide popularity. 
To listen to Download Vysotsky's Songs>>>>

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